Universal Nutrition, Fat Burner, Animal Advanced Cuts (42 packs – 42 serv)

  • Supports weight control, fat burning, and boosts energy
  • Supports lipid degradation, and boosts resistance to mental and physical stress
  • Supports digestion, and supports moderate sweating
  • Maintains healthy blood sugar level and provides antioxidant support
  • Boosts energy, immune function and heart health
  • Supports water weight loss, aids carbohydrate metabolism

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Cardio sucks. There’s no beauty or grace in it. You’re not moving huge weight. It’s just painful. But you do it because you have to – a necessary evil. Whether you’re preparing for a show or just trying to get in top condition, you need the raw power of Animal Cuts. Make no mistake about it, Animal Cuts is unlike anything out there. It’s an uncompromising “cutting” supplement that has been designed to produce professional results for bodybuilding competitions.

Unlike most fat burners on the market, Animal Cuts is more than just a thermogenic. It’s a comprehensive and complete formula. Take a look at today’s leading fat burner. It contains caffeine, kola nut, guarana, yerba mate and raspberry extracts, which through their thermogenic effect manage to increase body temperature, thus accelerating the basal metabolic rate and consequently amplifying caloric expenditure. Through the adenosine receptor antagonist effect provided by caffeine, this supplement also helps to increase our level of concentration, decreases the perception of effort and increases the time to fatigue.

For some athletes, the problem may even transcend thermogenesis. Your problem, for instance, might be releasing stored bodyfat. Perhaps your problem is not fat at all, but subcutaneous water weight. After all, you can have low levels of body fat but be accumulating subcutaneous water.

The point is, athletes need to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve maximum cuts and separations. So if you’ve had little success with conventional “fat burners” in the past, or if results have stopped coming, then don’t be frustrated. It might be that you simply chose the wrong fat burner. Only Animal Cuts is guaranteed to address all of your weight-loss and definition needs. Animal Cuts is comprehensive; each convenient pak delivers over 28 active ingredients. Every day, for 21 consecutive days, you’ll get nearly 7400 milligrams of pure fat shredding power. If you’re competing tomorrow, then you need Animal Cuts today.