We are happy to introduce the “Personal Training” service which we created based on your demands. We launched this service as a part of the food supplements e-commerce retail business

In order to fit your needs as much as possible, we launched these three packages:

Basic Package

1490 MKD

/per month

Standard Package

2490 MKD

/per month

Premium Package

2990 MKD

/per month

Each plan is customizable to your goal, daily lifestyle, food restrictions, food preferences, exercise equipment, etc. If you are the one who struggles on his way to get any bodybuilding & fitness achievements we strongly recommend you to buy the personal training service. It will benefit you! ✅

Depending on the package you would choose, we will create a proper plan for you. It will be your job to follow the plan as much as possible. We are here to help you to stick to the plan as much as possible. You will get a free weekly check-up from an experienced trainer! That’s how we stand out from other trainers. We do care about the obstacles ⚠️ that for sure you will encounter once you begin to follow the plan.

Note: We do our service only in English and Macedonian languages for now.

Stay tuned for our updates! We are going to lunch new packages soon! Broader choice to fit your needs.