Set White PVC Body Fat Caliper Measuring Tape Tester Lightweight Fitness Lose Weight Equipmnet For Body Building

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■   Brand new

■   Material: PVC

■   Color: White

■   Tape Tester Size: approx. 9 x 6.5 x 2cm

■   Caliper Size: approx. 16.5 x 9.6 x 0.6cm (L x W x H)

■   Light Weight

■   Sturdy vinyl tape makes it long lasting

■   Measures body fat easily and accurately

■   Easy to read measurements slides and Clicks at correct reading

■   Measures any body part – arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips, etc.

■   Stylish design and finger grips helps with ease of measurement

■   Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement and superior accuracy

Package Included:

■   1 x Body Fat Caliper

■   1 x Measuring Tape Tester

■   1 x Fat % Chart & Instructions