Real Pharm, Men’s Multivitamins, Vitamin/Mineral Complex +Libido Herbal Extracts, Vitamax Men (60 tabs – 30 serv x 2 tabs)

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An innovative product for men that supplies them with a composition of vitamins. In spite of the stereotype of male strength, they also need to focus on their health. Everything their body needs is concentrated in these small capsules. When used regularly, it significantly improves the functioning of your body.

Vitamax Men by RealPharm is a dietary supplement designed with men in mind. It supplies the body with all the indispensable substances that regulate its functioning. It has a comprehensive effect on your body.

It regulates the functioning of all the systems important for our health. It’s intended for all the men who focus on their health and the quality of their everyday lives.

Real Pharm’s Vitamax has been created basing on the demands that male bodies exhibit. That’s why it’s recommended to be used only by men. It is not a substitute of balanced diet. It should be taken only during the period stated by the producer, after its expiration date the product becomes unfit for consumption. It should be kept in a dark and dry place. Keep away from children at any time.

The supplement should be used in accordance with the producer’s instructions. Its daily dosage should be as recommended by the producer. Exceeding the maximum daily dosage may cause unwanted side effects that in the long term may lead to negative changes in one’s body.