Real Pharm, Creatine Powder, Creatine Mnohydrate (2000 mg) + Creatine Malate (1000 mg) + Creatine Hydrochloride (500 mg) + D-Ribose (1500 mg) + Vit. B6(1.2 mg), Crea Stack (420 g – 70 serv x 6 g/1 tsp)

A perfectly balanced creatine stack for professional athletes and all sports enthusiasts.

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Crea-stack by Real Pharm is a perfectly balanced creatine stack for professional athletes and all the sports enthusiasts. The package contains 420 grams of the nutritional supplement, which is equal to 70 daily portions of the product. When using this product, your diet is supplemented with three different forms of creatine – monohydrate, malate and hydrochloride – as well as vitamin B6 and D-ribose.

The active substances in Crea-Stack have the effect of strengthening your body during the periods of intense physical effort and building muscle mass. Creatine monohydrate restores the muscle energy stores, thus supporting muscle mass creation. It’s easily absorbable and can be used even by beginners. It is a combination of a molecule of creatine and a molecule of water. Its bioavailability to human body is as high as 93%. Creatine malate, on the other hand, is especially recommended to those who do endurance sports. It is characterized by lower water retention in the muscles.

Creatine hydrochloride is one of the most water-soluble creatines available on the market. It is resistant to pH change in the digestive tract, so it can be taken in smaller amounts.It doesn’t irritate the stomach, helping to avoid flatulence.

The combination of three creatine compounds makes its comprehensive effects on your body possible while limiting the probable side effects as much as possible.

D-ribose contained in this product supports body regeneration processes and also stimulates the energy metabolism of the heart. It allows to reduce fatigue. In combination with the creatine compounds it supports effective mass building process. Vitamin B6, also present in this supplement, is another ingredient indispensable for the body during intense physical effort and to improve its endurance. It affects the body’s energy levels. It also takes part in protein metabolism, supporting its breakdown to amino acids vital for building muscles.


Real Pharm Crea-Stack is a product that supports athletes of various sports. It helps to achieve better endurance and to build muscle mass. Properly refined formula helps to supply the body with sufficient energy during physical effort.


Use 6 g (1 serving) of the product per day. Use the included measuring spoon to measure the powder. Let it dissolve in 200 ml of water and drink it.


in 1 serving (6g)

Creatine monohydrate  2000mg

D-ribose 1500mg

Creatine malate  1000mg

Creatine hydrochloride 500mg

Vitamin B6 1,2mg