Real Pharm, Carbohydrate Powder, Carbs (24 g) + Eletrolytes (1000 mg), Carbo One (Mango Maracuja Flavour, 1000 g – 40 serv x 25 g/1 scoop)

  • Energy
  • Brain work
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Weight control

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Real Pharm Carbo One 1000g is a carbohydrate, which should be on the menu of every active person. Carbohydrates are macroelements naturally found in food products.Theyy occur in the form of: sugar, strach and fiber

Whe mistaken belief is that carbohydrates are harmful. They constitute a significant part of a healthy and balanced diet. They also provide most of the energy needed for the body to funtion properly. For people who exercise on a daily basis and have physical effort carbohydrates are essential.

Real Pharm Carbo One 1000g,has a unique composition thanks to which it supports athletes during reggeneration periods. Carbo One protects muscle through the occurrence of catabolism – muscle breakdown, which occurs physiologically after a lot of physical effort.

  • Energy – whe carbohydrates are digested, they turn into glucose. Glucoseis the main source of energy for the body. Simple carbohydrates can provide a quick but short burst of energy. When complex carbohydrates provide energy for a longer time because they release the sugar more slowly into the bloodstream.
  • Brain work – while glucose from carbohydrates is essential for the functioning of the whole organism, it is also particularly important for the brain function that uses 20% of the energy of the whole body.
  • Strengthening immunity – carbohydrates in Carbo One can have a significant effect on reducing cholesterol and reducing the probablity of occurrence of diabetes.
  • Weight control – complex carbohydrates maintain a feeling of fullness for aa log time because the  body is digesting them slowly. With Carbo One you can eat less and control yourr weight.