Pure Nutrition USA, L-Carnitine + Guarana Extrat + Green Tea Extrat, Carni Max Liquid (500 ml – 40 serv x 12.5 ml/1350 mg)

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L-carnitine is a very popular supplement that increases stamina and vitality.

L-carnitine transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into mitochondria (a cell’s energy powerhouse), where they may be oxidized to produce energy.

It is also used for fat-burning, increasing energy, and improving resistance to muscle fatigue.
L-carnitine also helps to build muscle. It is great in dieting, as it reduces feelings of hunger and weakness.

There are plenty of studies showing that L-carnitine is useful in increasing the heart’s performance and improving it’s functioning, as well as stimulating the heart’s energy supply and improving cardiac activity. Moreover, some experts have shown it increases endurance and helps regulating heart arrhythmia.

We use only Carnipure™ L-Carnitine from Lonza. Products displaying the Carnipure™ quality seal on the packaging show that they contain pure L-carnitine from Lonza. Carnipure™ is high quality L-Carnitine manufactured by Lonza. The Carnipure™ brand and quality seal stand for more than 25 years of expertise and high reputation in the production of quality products.

Carnipure™ offers:

  • Numerous clinical studies
  • Excellent safety profile / full traceability
  • Easy integration into formulations