Power System, Cable Leg Workout Support, Breathable Neoprene Ankle Adapter with Metal Eyelets, Ankle Straps Camo, (Brown Colour, 1 set)

An ankle adapter  with metal eyelets designed to be attached to the lower pulley of the pulley.  The adapter is suitable for performing various exercises to strengthen the legs, thighs, buttocks and hips. 

990 ден

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  • POWER SYSTEM ANKLE STRAP CAMO allow you to focus on your workouts without any distractions caused by switching cable attachments. Now you can get the body you dreamed of without all of the hassle!
  • Improve your calf, leg and lower body technique with secure, comfort-fit ankles straps designed specifically for cable machines. Enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines at the gym.
  • These ankle cuffs are compatible with standard cable systems, resistance trainers, functional trainers, and more; great for leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductors and all your favorite leg day routines.
  • We make products that last. You’ll find double steel rings and extra strong fastening on our padded ankle straps. These guarantee your foot and leg straps for cable machines will stay closed every time.
  • These fully adjustable gym ankle straps boast a secure, high-grade nylon and thick padding to give you premium comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights.