MuscleTech, Creatine Powder, Amplify Size/Strength/Recovery, Creatine HCL (750 mg) + Free-Acid Creatine (750 mg), Cell-Tech Creactor (Fruit Punch Flavour, 274 g – 120 serv x 2.3 g/1 scoop)

Harness The Energy of Amplified ATP Synthesis!
  • 1:1 ratio of creatine hydrochloride (HCI) creatine-free acid
  • Zero fillers, impurities, carbs or fat
  • No bloating or cycling is required

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MuscleTech Cell Tech Creactor Creatine Carb Muscle Builder Powder Bottle shot with Features

MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creactor

  • Delivers 1:1 ratio of creatine hydrochloride (HCI) creatine free acid*
  • The purest form of creatine available on the market*
  • Scientifically proven to increase muscle strength, size and performance*


Specially formulated and science backed for those who refuse to accept the status quo, every serving of Cell-Tech® Creactor® delivers creatine hydrochloride (HCI). This powerful formula is engineered with ultra-pure ingredients, including free-acid creatine with absolutely zero fillers, carbs or fats.*


  • Increase strength & gain more lean muscle *
  • Harness the energy of amplified ATP synthesis*
  • Experience real results & better performance *
  • Clinically proven & versatile supplement solution*
  • No bloating or cycling required *
  • Formulated to cover it all – all killer, no filler*


Every serving of Cell-Tech® Creactor® delivers a cutting-edge dose of creatine hydrochloride (HCI). This powerful formula is also engineered with the ultra-pure, lab-tested ingredient free-acid creatine, with absolutely zero fillers, impurities carbs or fat.*

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The amount of creatine found in just two super-concentrated scoops of Cell-Tech® Creactor® is scientifically proven to increase muscle strength, size and performance. Plus, this formula rapidly enhances your muscle cells’ ability to regenerate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – their primary source of anaerobic energy – so you can recover faster between sets.*


You’re looking for nothing more than exactly what you need. Cell-Tech™ Creactor delivers ultra-pure and free-acid creatine — so you can avoid bloating and never have to load or cycle it. Specially formulated and science backed, every serving of Cell-Tech® Creactor® delivers the ideal 1:1 ratio of creatine hydrochloride (HCI) plus free-acid creatine, the purest form available.*


For over two decades, the MuscleTech® brand has launched industry-defining product innovations that have helped fitness enthusiasts and athletes achieve their goals. With cutting-edge formulas engineered by an elite team of researchers, MuscleTech® continues to provide the most premium supplements in the world to support a healthy lifestyle. MuscleTech® comes from America’s #1 selling sports supplement company, and with distribution in over 140 countries, is one of the most prominent sports nutrition brands worldwide.*