Maxler, Amino Complex Liquid, Hydrolyzed Protein + B Viamins + L-Carnitine, Amino Magic Fuel (Orange Flavour, 1000 ml – 22 serv x 45 ml/22 g)

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Amino Magic Fuel is a complete amino acid complex on the basis of whey protein hydrolysate with high content of BCAA, vitamins and L-Carnitine. Thanks to a liquid form that helps to speed the absorption of amino acids and high concentration of protein (40%) Amino Magic is a unique product in quality and action.
High digestion speed (10-15 minutes after the intake) allows you to create so-called “pool of free amino acids” that stimulates anabolism, immune system, metabolism and regenerative processes. Elevated levels of branched BCAA amino acids fill up intracellular energy reserves. Product can be taken both by professional athletes and novices.

Directions: Take one serving (45 ml) daily.