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Fast-acting Pre Workout Powder

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Horse Power® X is the reboot of Ultimate Nutrition®’s original groundbreaking pre-workout supplement, Horse Power®, which was successfully launched in 2006. Since then, Ultimate Nutrition® has comprehensively reviewed and applied the latest improvements in nutritional science to formulate one of the most advanced pre-workout supplements available to bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. While many pre-workout powders are developed with mindset of finding a specific price point at which to enter the market, Horse Power X was hatched with the premise of merging cutting-edge science with rock-solid ingredients that have stood the test of time. This potent combination of 11 premium workout enhancers will provide fuel to power through your workouts with optimal energy, maximum gains, and no pit stops. Leading the charge is TORABOLIC™, a specialized fenugreek extract. Powered by trigimannose (standardized to 70%), 500 mg of TORABOLIC (used in conjunction with strength-training) was shown to significantly increase both lean body mass by 4.9 pounds and strength by 85 pounds over an 8-week period compared to strength-training alone (increases of one pound and 48 pounds, respectively). In addition to the trailblazing TORABOLIC™, 10 other key ingredients comprise Horse Power® X’s game-changing formula

  • Beta-alanine (3.2 g) boosts carnosine levels in muscle tissue, thus improving strength and lactic acid buffering to maximize rep-to-failure thresholds
  • Creatine monohydrate (3.5 g), the most studied form of creatine, increases strength and fat-free mass by increasing the regeneration rate of ATP, the body’s main energy source
  • L-citrulline (3.0 g) jacks up vascularity, strength, and aerobic energy production during high-intensity workouts while reducing ensuing muscle soreness
  • Capsimax™ (100 mg) increases diet-induced thermogenesis, thus converting excess calories to heat
  • Razberi-K® (200 mg) supports diet-induced thermogenesis and energy production
  • Caffeine anhydrous (250 mg) boosts alertness and focus; 250 mg is roughly equivalent to the amount in 15 ounces of coffee
  • Niacin (50 mg) stimulates muscle energy production and supports healthy joints
  • L-tyrosine (500 mg) supports cognitive function that typically diminishes after physical and mental exhaustion
  • Vitamins B6 (50 mg) and B12 (50 mcg) metabolize protein and fat while converting carbs to sugar for energy

Based on potency, flavor, and science, Horse Power® X’s comprehensive blend of 11 exercise performance boosters makes it among the most well-rounded pre-workout supplements on the market today. Leave the Sunday driving to others. Kickstart your routine and make Horse Power® X part of your training regimen. Horse Power® X pre-workout powder comes in Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry flavors and instantly dissolves in 6 to 8 ounces of water. Horse Power® X’s serving sizes can be customized to suit your goals and training level: Ignition (1 scoop/5 g), Turbo (2 scoops/10 g), and Full-throttle (3 scoops/15 g). All ingredient amounts stated above are based on the Full-throttle serving.