Amix Nutrition, Protein Powder, Hydrolyzed Beef Protein + Creatine & Nitro Infusion, Anabolic Monster Beef (Chocolate Flavoured, 2.2 kg – 66 serv x 33 g)

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Monster Beef is a very high quality protein based on beef-derived hydrolyzed enzymes. It has been proven through several clinical tests that protein extracted from beef meat has a better anabolic power than any other source of protein.

Monster Beef not only has a very high aminogram but the carbohydrate, fat and cholesterol content is negligible. Beef Monster Protein is a new generation protein, produced using the latest in advanced technology. Monster Beef contains Monster Nitro-complex, a combination of citrulline malate, Beta-alaline and a phospholipid matrix that maximizes even further the results achieved in building muscle.

Monster Beef is made by hydrolysis that considerably reduces absorption time, thus guaranteeing a fast and complete metabolization.



  • Maximum and fast absorption
  • Excellent biological value
  • Excellent flavour and dissolution
  • Very low carbohydrate and fat content