6PAK Nutrition, Zero Syrup (400 ml – 80 serv x 5 ml)

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Do you like sweets but limit their consumption because of a healthy lifestyle? The figure is more important to you than the weakness – it’s understandable. It turns out, however, that you do not have to give up anything!

Syrup Zero from 6PAK is an excellent proposition to sweeten the life of people who care about their diet. Syrup comes in many flavors, so you certainly will not get bored. In addition, it does not contain calories! Therefore, eating the sweet 6PAK syrup will not negatively affect your diet (also low-calorie). You can add the product to desserts and treat it as a filling of your own baked goods.

6 PAK Syrup Zero is ideally suited to the diet of an athlete who wants to limit empty calories as well as a slimming person. The product is very efficient, that’s why it lasts for a very long time. Add it to cakes, ice cream, pancakes and do not think about calories!