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Together with the work of a targeted diet, weight training and cardiovascular activity, when trying to lose as much fat tissue as possible for the beach, for psychophysical wellbeing or for a bodybuilding competition, the widespread use of thermogenic supplements is well-known. The world of supplements also does not help in this area with the spread of many, too many, products of dubious, and at least proven, real effectiveness. Many times these are often “loaded” with a “stimulating” power on the central nervous system, giving more “flame” to the head than…..to the real thermogenesis. Or we find other products that are a mixture of elements, perhaps even ones that are genuinely effective, but with minimal dosages, creating chaos and unnecessary economic expenditure.

It is good to underline that thermogenic substances do not make a difference if people do not follow an adequate diet, but if they are products with real effectiveness in terms of elements and dosages used, they can still provide a good “boost” to the metabolism and be favourable allies which work in synergy, and drive the body onwards towards this goal. Without the foundations of targeted nutrition, they are not very effective.

In Yamamoto studies we always look for the best raw materials and the real scientific nature to be transported on the market every time you want to launch a product. Another example is Ai-LIPOROL®, the powerful new-generation thermogenic. The revolution that this product brings in its typology arises from the insertion of new effective and synergistic active elements to best promote the thermogenesis and mobilisation of accumulated fats without unnecessarily (and damagingly) enriching stimulants. The goal here is primarily to burn fat and not to bleed the adrenal glands or create disorders at the metabolic level. What makes it so “effective” then? As often happens, my answer is the SYNERGY of action of the elements, and some “news” from the scientific front.

Here Ai-LIPOROL® is born, a multitask force of active ingredients that favour the disposal of accumulated fats.

Guinea Pepper or Paradise Grains, seeds of a plant used in Africa as a healthy spice with a pungent aroma, of which studies are under way to deepen our knowledge of their interesting effects on the metabolism. Research (on humans) is demonstrating a powerful increase in thermogenesis thanks to the ability to transform white adipose tissue to brown adipose tissue (BAT), with greater control over glycaemia and affecting visceral fat. We remember how this adipose tissue is an enemy of overweightness and obesity, or in any case of all those who want to lose weight, because instead of storing the excess lipid in the adipocytes it stimulates their disposal through “heat dispersion”. Simply, brown adipose tissue burns excess fat to produce heat, and the Paradise Grains are great activators of this thermogenic system.

If we have to assess what the real novelty is in the field of fat-burning supplements which are now more and more obsolete or tending to excessive and sometimes harmful nervous stimulation, here it is. With scientific research for support.

Capsaicin, the typical alkaloid of the “spiciness” present in chilli, which has well-documented properties of increasing thermogenesis, mobilising the use of fatty acids, even inhibiting their accumulation. Similar to the Paradise Grains, capsaicin and capsaicinoids are able to activate brown adipose tissue, with great effect on thermogenic power.

Capsaicin and other capsaicinoids are potent agonists of TRPV1 receptors and are therefore able to further activate brown adipose tissue, favouring the dissipation of excess fats as heat. Moreover, these molecules induce a generalised activation of the sympathetic system which, in turn, through the release of noradrenaline, has a stimulatory action on the activity of BAT.

Green coffee, thanks to the action of Chlorogenic Acid, intervenes in digestion, reducing the amount of carbohydrates assimilated through the intestine and, consequently, limiting the caloric intake of each meal, interfering with the release of sugars in the blood by the liver, thus stabilising glycemia, pushing the body to affect and use its fat mass as a source of energy, reducing the phenomenon of glycogenolysis of the liver, through the inhibition of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. In addition, green coffee inhibits lipases, digestive enzymes whose role is to affect triglycerides, thereby causing a reduction in the digestion of fats and their accumulation in the liver and other parts of the body.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fibre extracted from the konjac plant. Research has shown that its use contributes to increasing the sense of fullness, relieving constipation and lowering blood sugar levels as well as decreasing cholesterol and body weight. When mixed with water, the Glucomannan becomes voluminous as a gel and is able to multiply its volume up to 17 times its original size. The fibre in the stomach causes this change in volume by absorbing the water, and by expanding, the Glucomannan will occupy a lot of space in the stomach, thus creating a sensation of immediate fullness.

In addition, the Glucomannan supports diet regimens aimed at weight loss, because inside the stomach and intestines it absorbs fat, making it pass quickly through the body, facilitating its excretion rather than assimilation.

Green tea: which contains several powerful antioxidants, including epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This element, combined with caffeine, which is also contained in green tea, has a strong ability to stimulate the body’s metabolism and thus accelerate weight loss through thermogenesis.

In addition, catechin polyphenols, which are present in green tea, stimulate muscle cells and the liver to use more fatty acids. In addition, green tea is rich in theophilin and theobromine, two substances that promote diuresis. Thanks to the catechin, which inhibits the transport of glucose to fat cells, the increase in blood sugar levels is moderate. When insulin is stable, the sense of hunger is even greater, so this limits the “hunger attacks” and the risk of ruining our efforts, perhaps with junk foods that will add unnecessary and harmful calories to our body.

Theobromine (Cacao), a substance present in black chocolate, is a xanthine similar to caffeine that stimulates the central nervous system but not so “aggressively”. However, it is a highly ergogenic substance with prolonged effects which helps counteract the crashes associated with the use of caffeine, and it does not cause any dependency. Theobromine therefore has a lipolytic power as it increases thermogenesis without causing states of anxiety or palpitation, helps to improve insulin sensitivity, avoiding spikes and surges of glycaemia or hunger and promotes vasodilation, muscle pumping and cardiac health.

Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium): citrus with properties well known for its thermogenic activity, which contains a particular composition of extracts (sinephrine, N-methyltiramine, hordenine, octopamine, tyramine), with the ability to stimulate the metabolism, allowing the use of fats deposited predominantly in the liver and adipose tissue to produce heat and energy expenditure. It has been shown that synephrine, the “sympathomimetic” alkaloid contained in citrus aurantium, increases fat metabolism through the stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors, and acts in full synergy with caffeine, enhancing and prolonging its effects.