ProActive, Protein Powder, Whey Concentrate + Hydrolyzed Wheat + Milk, Protein 80 (Vanilla Cream Flavour, 700 g – 23 serv x 30 g)

ProActive Protein 80 is a high quality protein supplement based on a complex of proteins with various levels of assimilability – whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed wheat protein and milk proteins. Furthemore, the supplement also includes a perfectly combined dose of vitamins.

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Why protein concentrate, hydrolysate and milk proteins found in ProActive Protein 80 guarantee an intensive dose of proteins – one portion supplies with up to 23,4 grams of proteins. Due to its high protein content, the supplement supports muscle regeneration after an intensive physical effort* and indicates anti-catabolic properties. Furthermore, its high bio-availability improves digestion of proteins and, as a result, transports their molecules to muscles much faster.

Upon using ProActive Protein – best after a workout – muscles strained by hard physical effort are able to absorb proteins like a sponge. Thus, the supplement contributes to muscle protein anabolism and provides your muscles with additional sources of energy. All those advantages improve your workout results and help build muscle mass *.

ProActive Protein, besides an excellent compositon of top-tier quality proteins, also provides an essential dose of vitamins. Vitamin supplementation often sparks a heated debate in the field of nutrition for hard-training persons. Nonetheless, it is hard to undermine the fact that the demand on micro-elements increases due to intensive physical effort.

ProActive Protein provides a solution for this problem – thanks to a complex of vitamins that are mixed in ideal proportions, the supplement contributes to improved energy metabolism, cell regeneration, production of red blood cells and protects against free radicals. Amongst the numerous vitamins found within ProActive Protein, it is worth mentioning:

 vitamin C – helpful during the collagen production process, has beneficial influence on both nervous and immune systems;

 vitamin E – protects DNA, proteins and lipids against free radicals;

 vitamin B complex – contributes to proper protein metabolism and obtaining energy during metabolism processes, redues fatigue and enhances both immune and nervous systems as well as supports psychical functions and many others.